Ambassadors Program

JGD Ambassadors are official representatives for JGD in the streaming/podcast/virtual community. They actively fight the stigma against mental health challenges and raise awareness of the need for acceptance and accommodations for those with mental health challenges. 

When the community sees an official JGD Ambassador they will see someone, or a group, that strives to uphold the values of JGD and maintains a safe place for the community. 

We value and expect our Ambassadors to value:  

Hope – Hope is healing! JGD values hope in life and aims to impart hope in the community and to its members.  No one is a critical failure and everyone deserves to be treated with dignity.  

Welcoming/Acceptance – It’s okay to not be okay, and the JGD Ambassadors understand that. We believe that everyone deserves to be treated as part of the community. Each new person should have a chance to participate in our community. 

Caring – Being available to others is hard. Rejection is hard. Fitting in is hard. We want our Ambassadors to believe and act in a way that demonstrates an understanding of our overall impact on one another with each encounter.  

Self-care – Physically and emotionally, each person can only give what they can give. Each Ambassador should take time for themselves for self-care and encourage others to do the same. Hydrate! Eat! Sleep! Get up and stretch! All of the physical and mental necessities. 

Impact/Reach – JGD Ambassadors show an active interest in promoting and advancing evidence-based understanding of mental health, as well as the mission of Jasper’s Game Day. They actively attempt to promote all the above principles in their streams and in their communities.  

We will have at least five JGD Ambassadors for 2021. Each Ambassador is expected to host at least one fundraising event consisting of five hours or more of streaming and indicate on their overlay or stream that specifies that they are a JGD Ambassador throughout the entire year. We want to make sure that people know who our Ambassadors are! Each Ambassador is also required to be a part of Jasper’s Game Week in some capacity. Ambassadors can earn exclusive JGD items for their efforts. The amounts listed below are based on how much money they raise during the year. 

Expectations – If an Ambassador fails to uphold the values or expectations of the JGD Ambassador Program it can result in penalties that could include removal from the program. 

Thank you to our 2021 Ambassadors!