Code of Conduct

Jasper’s Game Day is built on the ideals of acceptance, respect, and support of all individuals, regardless of their race, gender, gender identity or expression, religious beliefs, size, age, or abilities. Any sort of discrimination, whether it be verbal, non-verbal, or physical, will not be tolerated. Respect everyone’s physical and social boundaries and personal property.

No stealing, cheating, trolling, or griefing.

Jasper’s Game Day will also not tolerate any form of sexual harassment or unwelcome behavior or advances towards another person. Cosplay is not consent. Harassment includes any repeated or continued, uninvited verbal or physical contact.


Staff, DMs, and players alike should maintain an awareness of possible violations to the code of conduct.

Disruptive Behavior

Excessively vulgar or profane language Talking over other players excessively Demanding more attention from the DM Talking on a phone excessively during play Joining a game that is currently in session without permission.

Unsafe Behavior

Using racial, gender, or cultural slurs against another participant Sending inappropriate/offensive photos to other participants Harassing other participants Using social media to bully other participants

Aggressive Behavior

Threatening other participants Hostility or aggression directed towards a player or DM Arguing over rules and creating conflict between players/DM’s


Innuendos directed at an individual. Remarks about a person’s body or clothing. Unwanted messages, letters, calls, emails or gifts. Unwelcome requests for dates. Inappropriate physical contact or comments Direct threats of intent to harm or threatening behavior. Opposing or challenging everything an individual suggests. Intentionally making someone feel isolated or excluding them. Spreading rumors about participants/members. Belittling someone.

Any individual harassing another will be removed from the event and barred from all Jasper’s Game Day events. Jasper’s Game Day reserves the right to remove any individual from any of its events for not adding to the experience of gaming in a safe and comfortable environment.

If you feel that you have been harassed and have not been able to resolve the incident to your satisfaction, please report the incident to a Jasper’s Game Day staff member, identifiable by purple bordered badges noting them as such. You can also report issues to Fenway Jones at or any of the mods. 

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