Your Donations at Work

Your Donations at Work

Funds were donated to the Barb Smith Suicide Resource Network to help provide suicide response training to school staff and how to help students in a mental health crisis.

Funds were donated to Lighthouse for Veterans. Those funds are being used to help support veterans with mental health issues find help and healing.

Our continual support of the American Association for Suicidology has helped maintain and support the national helpline.

Funds were donated to the AAKOMA Project. AAKOMA provides mental health support to a wide array of youth, but focusing on minorities and girls in the DC area.

Over 15k was donated to the NotOK App to keep the app free and maintained. The NotOK app allows users to add a support network to their phone that can be contacted when they are experiencing a mental health crisis. It used by thousands of teens across the country.

Funds were used to extend the Teen LIfeline Helpline, dedicated to providing care to teens in the west portion of the US, operating times from 3pm-9pm to 12pm-9pm and a dedicate text line was added.

Funds were used to create and train LOSS Teams in Indiana. LOSS Teams are postvention based first responders aimed at supporting suicide loss survivors. Here is a website with more information:

JGD funded the National Youth Summit. A summit that delivers training to middle and high school staff members and students on suicide prevention and awareness strategies. The summit reached schools across the US and 100s of students were involved in the Q&A panels.